lundi 20 décembre 2010

Thank you sky!

It didn't snow, planes were going and I'm finally home for a little break! Woohoo!

dimanche 19 décembre 2010

A pray to the sky!

I don't know if I said that I'm going home for Christmas.

I'm flying tomorrow.

Though, there is a tiny litlle problem: it snowed like crazy yesterday in England. This country is so not prepared to cope with snow that it's total chaos now. Most of the flights were deleted or severely delayed yesterday.

So, even if I'm an atheist, I pray to the sky to not snow today neither tonight! "Please, spirits of the weather, be nice and don't make it snow the next two days!"

I do NOT want to be stucked here for Christmas! Really! And that's not just for my little self, but for all those who have to go and be with their family.

Now, I'm off packing, before going to work. Have a lovely sunday!

(photo Met Monkey)

vendredi 10 décembre 2010


Dring, driiing, someone's at the door! It is a delivery. "Nina it's for you!". Un paquet de Dihya?! Mais qu'est-ce que ça peut bien être?
I start to open the boxe with some difficulties and the excitement grows...What a surprise!
Le livre publiant les écrits de Marylin Monroe! C'est fou, j'ai failli le commander il y a à peine 2 jours!
Alors merci, merci Dihya pour ce cadeau d'anniversaire un (petit) peu différé. Merci.

PS:il est disponible à la fnac et sur

PS2: Dihya, tu avais raison, j'ai fait un billet straight away!


Last week on saturday, we had a powercut. It lasted from 4pm to 10pm, so we had to use candles and eat pizzas. It was such a quiet atmosphere.

vendredi 3 décembre 2010

Last coffee in Brighton

Lovely soya latte.
Me, by Max.
We love croissant.
"You're talking to me?"

Last week, I planned to take Max to Brighton Museum as it was not raining for once. We invited Bridie (my australian au pair mate) and Ruben to come with us. Bridie left Lewes now, she is in Scotland before travelling around Europe and going back home to Melbourne. We had a nice coffee and lots of silliness.

mardi 30 novembre 2010


It is snowing. It started yesterday evening. Just like that. I didn't expect it and paf it was there. I went out in the garden for my daily cigarette, the thin white coat cracked under my feet. I love snow, I love how the sound is different, it's like being in a giant cotton cloud.

Have a lovely day!

mercredi 24 novembre 2010

French Touch

Today, in opposition to usual, I felt french and wanted to look french. I chose to dress like a WW2 french resistant. Here's a shot on Sarah Weal's blog.

dimanche 21 novembre 2010

Solid Bling

Solid Bling
Solid Bling by NinaNagy featuring a gold bangle

Ah lala, hier on m'a dit "tu connais ce truc "polyvore"?", j'ai dit "euh ouais, j'ai lu un truc dessus mais je ne sais pas ce que c'est..." Voilà, dare-dare que je me connecte, crée un profil et passe une heure à feuilleter les milliers de pages de vêtements et accessoires que propose cette base de données. Je voulais d'abord faire un "party-mix" et finalement je suis tombée sur cette bague-celle en bas à gauche- et du coup ça m'a inspirée niveau bling. Des bijoux de déesse grecque à faire chuter la bourse de Paris et qui me donne envie d'être au soleil dans une robe légère...

samedi 20 novembre 2010

Lewes Bonfire Night

Albee, djellaba and ear-defenders.
The last post at the War memorial.
Commercial square fireworks.
Red chrysanthems.

I don't have a camera, only my phone, so quality is a bit crap.

vendredi 19 novembre 2010

Window shopping!

This is the men's shop window.
And this is my first merchandising (with the same shirt as previously).
The bric-à-brac from the inside.

Best buy

Since august, beside au pairing, I work in a lovely shop. I love clothes and selling them. This shirt comes from the Russian Navy surplus. We sell them in the men's shop, they are 100% cotton and at a good price. I could wear it everyday.
The photo doesn't show it, but the stripes are navy blue, not black. Ideal for a basic, decontracted style with a pair of Monkee Genes jeans.
I particularly like the little tag written in Russian.

Autumn morning with Max

A typical "Maxian" image.
Me by Max with my snood.
Another typical...
Little Bigfoot.

mardi 2 novembre 2010

Nothing to say

Hier j'ai mangé une pomme. Voilà.

Par contre, avant-hier j'ai passé mon premier "grade" de Kung fu. Je n'ai pas encore le résultat. Je verrai bien.

Ah oui, hier j'ai aussi fait ma première vitrine au magasin où je travaille. C'est pas de la folie pure, un sac, un chapeau et un t-shirt, mais j'en suis fière. Je posterai une photo très rapidos, genre demain.

Ciao et buòne nuet, fagues de bèu pantailh!

samedi 30 octobre 2010

Opera, but no soap.

Yesterday, I went to Glyndebourne Opera with my friend Sara. This place is huge and there is something magical about it. It's in the middle of nowhere, here in East Sussex. A man (rich) had it built for his wife who loved Opera. I don't often go to Opera, and after each time I think how much I love it. We saw the Coronation of Poppea, the story of Roman Emperor Nero and how he divorced his wife to marry to woman he loved. So yes, that makes me want to go more often and also to sing more.

mercredi 27 octobre 2010

Single Girl's Soups #2

I couldn't resist buying two bunches of asparagus (I know the season is over) 'cause I love them so, so much! Guess what I made wiht them...a soup. Easy: clean them, cutting the end that is a bit hard, cut them in pieces and cook in a saucepan of water with stok-cube and pepper, blend and eat. It's a good cure for the blader (but do not abuse of it).

So, as I said I also give you the recipe of the chocolate and vanilla cheese cake:

For 20cm diameter mould:
- 200gr of caramelised biscuits (Lotus)
- 40gr of melted butter
- 400gr of cream cheese
- 1 large egg
- 100gr sugar
- 50gr of chocolate
- 1 tsp of vanilla

Reduce the biscuits to powder and mix with the melted butter. Line the bottom of the mould with the mixture and cook for 10min (180°-5 gaz).

With a robot mix the cream cheese, the egg, sugar and vanilla together. Pour 2/3 of the mixture on the cooked biscuits base.

Melt the chocolate in a saucepan on low heat and mix it with the rest of the cheese mixture. Pour in the mould. Cook for 25min and leave to cool before serving.


lundi 25 octobre 2010

Single Girl's Soups

Yes, today I'm going to give you some yummy recipes of soups I made since the family is away. What's better than a good, original soup to keep you warm in this f*-ing cold weather?

Friday evening I had my friend Sara for diner, I made her a butternut squash and apple soup...

For 2 persons:

- 250gr of squash cut in little squares
- 2 medium potatoes cut in little squares
- 1 big apple (those with the "grey" skin) cut roughly
- 1 small chopped onion
- 2 garlic cloves

- 1 tsp of chopped fresh/freezed ginger

- 1 pinch of ground nutmeg
- 1 chicken stock square

- salt and pepper

Then it's simple, you put all the ingredients in a large sauce-pan and shimmer until all the vegetables are cooked. When done, blend and serve hot with grilled lardons on top and buttered toasts. And of course, a glass of red wine. :)

N.B: For desert I made a chocolate and vanilla cheese cake. Recipe to come soon!

Bonne journée!

Me, after Lewes Farmer's Market by Sarah Weal

samedi 23 octobre 2010


There was a day, I used to hit the streets in demonstrations.

Listening to the french news this morning, I feel useless. Useless in the movement against the "pensions law", useless for the present, useless for the future. I'm just here working for capitalism. For what? Ah, yes, save some money. Why am I saving money, if I don't know what to do?

Today I would love to be a doctor, to be able to help fight the cholera in Haiti. Unfortunatly, I'm not. So, how can I help?

Tomorrow I would love to be an activist, believing that People leads democracy, but I'm now empty, unbrained, uncapable of having an opinion. How to be more implicated when you are living abroad, on your own?

"Aujourd'hui l'égoïsme est du côté du pouvoir, le bien commun du côté du mouvement social" Edwy Plenel- Médiapart.

Anyway, now I'm of to work, like every week-end, so my preoccupations will wait...

Have a lovely week-end!

vendredi 8 octobre 2010

If the stars were mine

"If the stars were mine

I'd give them all to you

I'd pluck them down right from the sky

And leave it only blue

I would never let the sun forget

To shine upon your face

So when others would have rain clouds

You'd have only sunny days

If the stars were mine

I'd tell you what

I'd doI'd put the stars right in a jar

And give 'em all to you

If the birds were mine

I'd tell them when to sing

I'd make them sing a sonnet

When your telephone would ring

I would put them there inside the square

Whenever you went out

So there'd always be sweet music

Whenever you walk about

If the birds were mine

I'd tell you what I'd do

I'd teach the birds such lovely words

And make 'em sing for you

I'd teach the birds such lovely words

And make 'em sing for you

If the world was mine

I'd paint it gold and green

I'd make the oceans orange

For a brilliant color scheme

I would color all the mountains

Make the sky forever blue

So the world would be a painting

And I'd live inside with you

If the world was mine

I'd tell you what I'd do

I'd wrap the world in ribbons

And then give it all to you

I'd teach the birds such lovely words

And make 'em sing for you

I'd put those stars right in a jar

and Give them all to you"

Melody Gardot


jeudi 7 octobre 2010

Snood mood

I started to knit this cherry red snood in february(!!!!), did it for a month or two, then stopped, until a week ago. It's the first thing I knit. I'm learning with it and it takes me so much time. I don't think I'm particularly slow (though sometimes I think I'm a "movement dyslexic"- lack of synchro:)). Actually, because I didn't know how many loops you do to start, I did a lot- a lot-(alot: Now, this snood/hood is still wider than long, no, seriously, it's about 70cms wide. I really hope to finish it before proper winter comes and be able to enjoy its warmth soon!

Other snoody post:

jeudi 30 septembre 2010


Or maybe, lack of synchronisation. It appears to me that nothing wants to go in the same way, at the same time. I mean, for example this week. I was supposed to have 2 days off because the family was supposed to go on holidays. So I decided to take one more day off at work, to have 3 days in a row and maybe go somewhere to breath some fresh air.

The family's holidays finally got cancelled, poor them, so I decided to go to London for two days.

Surprise! NO friends available on these two days. No friends=no couch.

(I forgot to say that also got a bad cold on tuesday evening on top of everything)

Anyway, I went to London for the day, deciding to visit some museums. Bang! I forgot I was living in UK, where it is RAINING almost every day! But I did enjoy the Victoria & Albert museum. I particularly liked the fashion bit (don't ask ma why...), sculpture and photography. I didn't visit the whole thing because my feet ached terribly.(I bought many cards and these three "faux-pencil" pens)

Being in London, I thought that I could buy some things that I needed: a lady wallet, new shoes, tights and an Ipod case. Off I went to Notting Hill (everything closed) and Oxford street (full of people despite the bloody rain). Still speaking of synchro of my mind, what did I buy? None of all these things. I ended up with a merino&cashmere jumper and an umbrella from Uniqlo and completely soaked shoes and socks.

Now when I say, I took one more day off, it's because I needed ONE day off (otherwise I would lose all my customer oriented skills and turn into a crazy monster). Guess who woke me up this morning? My boss. "Hi Nina could you come in today, we are a lady down?" Don't ask ME these kind of things, because I'm capable of saying yes surrounded by guilt! But no, today I said "no, sorry I have plans", what is true. Am I growing up? I don't know, but what is sure is, I'm going to enjoy my day off in Brighton!

Have a nice day (off or not off)!