lundi 20 décembre 2010

Thank you sky!

It didn't snow, planes were going and I'm finally home for a little break! Woohoo!

dimanche 19 décembre 2010

A pray to the sky!

I don't know if I said that I'm going home for Christmas.

I'm flying tomorrow.

Though, there is a tiny litlle problem: it snowed like crazy yesterday in England. This country is so not prepared to cope with snow that it's total chaos now. Most of the flights were deleted or severely delayed yesterday.

So, even if I'm an atheist, I pray to the sky to not snow today neither tonight! "Please, spirits of the weather, be nice and don't make it snow the next two days!"

I do NOT want to be stucked here for Christmas! Really! And that's not just for my little self, but for all those who have to go and be with their family.

Now, I'm off packing, before going to work. Have a lovely sunday!

(photo Met Monkey)

vendredi 10 décembre 2010


Dring, driiing, someone's at the door! It is a delivery. "Nina it's for you!". Un paquet de Dihya?! Mais qu'est-ce que ça peut bien être?
I start to open the boxe with some difficulties and the excitement grows...What a surprise!
Le livre publiant les écrits de Marylin Monroe! C'est fou, j'ai failli le commander il y a à peine 2 jours!
Alors merci, merci Dihya pour ce cadeau d'anniversaire un (petit) peu différé. Merci.

PS:il est disponible à la fnac et sur

PS2: Dihya, tu avais raison, j'ai fait un billet straight away!


Last week on saturday, we had a powercut. It lasted from 4pm to 10pm, so we had to use candles and eat pizzas. It was such a quiet atmosphere.

vendredi 3 décembre 2010

Last coffee in Brighton

Lovely soya latte.
Me, by Max.
We love croissant.
"You're talking to me?"

Last week, I planned to take Max to Brighton Museum as it was not raining for once. We invited Bridie (my australian au pair mate) and Ruben to come with us. Bridie left Lewes now, she is in Scotland before travelling around Europe and going back home to Melbourne. We had a nice coffee and lots of silliness.