samedi 30 juillet 2011

Liverpool. Café. 2. The Rockafellas.

Because when we where in Liverpool we did very "unusual" things, we had a massive brunch in The Rockafellas, a 50's american style diner. I just thought it would be a sort of training before I try a real one overseas. And it was pretty good, with the Dirty Dancing original soundtrack to make you feel just a tiny bit nostalgic...

Liverpool. Café. 1. The Quarter.

The first night in Liverpool, we struggled to find where to eat, and there, just around the corner of our hostel, we found that charming restaurant: The Quarter.

There's a large choice menu, but I had a delicious meal from the specials. I'm not telling you yet, because I'm going to try to make it for Sarah&Jimmy for our farewell dinner tomorrow...

Most tastylicious mint-chocolate chip ice-creeeeeeam!

vendredi 29 juillet 2011


I wonder what this means? Anyone?

jeudi 28 juillet 2011

Walking, shopping, drinking...

I think Liverpool is hiding it's pleasures, because we damn tried -walked our feet off, ask people, etc.. - but couldn't find any live gigs or cultural events in the center... We had a good time though, Liverpudlian sure know how to party (after midnight), and the city is photogenic!

I'll post more photos tomorrow.

dimanche 24 juillet 2011

Last day in Wickle.

I've just got home from my last day of work at Wickle. I found that nice surprise in the loo and teared like a madeleine. It feels nice though to be on sort of holidays. I'm off to Liverpool tomorrow. A bientôt!

Goodbye, Farewell, auf wiedersen, adieu....

Yesterday she was found dead, R.I.P Amy Winehouse.
(photo from google images)

I would also like to have a thought for the people of Norway. It really is sad, all that violence...

mardi 19 juillet 2011

Last months in Sussex-1st of July

Some random shots from last day trip to London.

Street art.

Mostly around Spitafields and Bricklane.

lundi 18 juillet 2011


I just wanted to pay hommage to the White Crane Fighting Arts, that made me fall in Love with both Taichi AND Kungfu, and these people I'm going to miss a lot!

(Photos from the Burgess Hill demo we did last month)

jeudi 14 juillet 2011

Atlas breeze.

Here's the dress. I got it from Wolf & Gipsy, my favorite vintage shop in Brighton. As I said, it is made of a brilliant thick cotton, that keep you warm and cool at the same time. I can perfectly imagine wearing it in the summer evening breeze on the porch of le Cabanon, listening to the crickets and the leaves' murmur...

New sandals by Clarks.
Red necklace: vintage from W&G; Blue: People Tree; Earrings: present from Afghanistan.
Scarves: blue is a present from Morocco, orange is vintage.
I love the macramé bottom with the tassels that swing when I walk.
Now, only need summer...


Another day off, amazing, I'm all disoriented! Got the perfect-but-faulty sandals refunded and with the money I bought an amazing vintage thick white cotton dress. Photo soon. But now, I'm going to sit in the Grange and look at poppies.

mercredi 13 juillet 2011


Day off today, slept til 9, got dressed at 11. I thought I would do something productive, like sort out clothes, shoes, papers, all sorts of stuff in order to lighten my packs...but no, instead of that, spent my day blog-surfin', drinking tea and eating cake cause the weather's not great. Like a sunday in the middle of the week.

mardi 12 juillet 2011

Paris calling.

I feel happy. Happy and scared. Happy and excited. I recently discovered the blog On my way. Since I know I'm moving back to Paris, Isabelle's pictures make me more and more excited to go back. I think she really captures the "spirit" of Paris. That spirit that I like and missed here a bit. That Charm that makes the city famous all around the world. Something I never really noticed when I lived there. Now, when I get back, I'll try to enjoy everyday, every lucky day...

samedi 9 juillet 2011

Objet du désir!

For my trip to NYC, I'd like to find a nice and confy backpack that I could take with me while exploring the city. Just saw this one on Oversise me, it's from the Canadian brand Herschel. I have no idea of the price, but according to the quality of the product, it must be way out of my budget. I love the lookbook though...

vendredi 8 juillet 2011

Evening skies...

Before I went to bed the other night, I was struck by the colour of the sky. Of course my phone's camera doesn't show it properly...

mardi 5 juillet 2011

Verde & Company.

With Sara, after the exhibition, opposite Spitafields. Lovely shop, good coffee, nice service, refine products... Verde & Company is a place I regret discovering in my last in UK.