lundi 24 janvier 2011

Pain's Crescendo

This past week, I've been watching lots of new films. These three, all beginning with letter B (I've just noticed), touched me the most. I don't know where it is from that I've got this empathy for everything, everyone, real or fiction. It feels like I don't live in this world, so I live characters's lives emotionally.
Black Swan for the fear.
Biutiful for the loss of hope or gain of it, because in the end our life is so easy.
Blue Valentine for the loss of love.

(Photos: google images)

mardi 11 janvier 2011

We Are One Year Old!

Today, it's been a year since I arrived in Lewes. Time goes by so quickly. I feel like if it was yesterday and on the other hand, it's like it has been ages since I left Paris.

I try to think of what had or had not changed during the past year.

*The future is still as blurry as it was before, but I'm not freaking out that much anymore.

*I stopped getting wasted 3 times a week -maybe once a month now?!

*I became pretty addicted to reading blogs, which is -I think- not a bad thing.

*I don't have no depts no more.

*I've decided to go to New York in september (btw any tips for cheap accomodation anyone?)

* I still want to be black, but I'll never be :(

*No, in fact, I want to be Beyoncé! :)

*Or Jimmy Hendrix?

*Want marry Kanye?

* or...

** and,..., etc,... blablaba

Ok, now that's enough!

We'll see what's going to happen. Inch'Allah.

PS: Picture of Beyoncé, not me he :)

jeudi 6 janvier 2011


Today, day off. Raining cats and dogs outside. Sale expedition in Brighton. Here my few finds.
American Apparel organic cotton v-neck.

Comptoir des Cottoniers satchel.
Comptoir des Cottoniers kaki slims.
Chanel Poudre Hydratante Effet Hâlé (not in sale).

(photo Little galerie)

dimanche 2 janvier 2011

A Night in Paris

Je me lève, il est 8h30, je suis à Paris.

Je suis arrivée hier soir et repars dans deux heures. J'ai dormi là, entre deux trains, chez E., une studette comme seule Paris en fait, exigüe mais charmante.

Paris est sous la pluie et toujours la même. Je l'ai un peu oubliée, oublié ses gens, oublié les regards et les petites apostrophes des passants. J'ai oublié les touristes aussi, assez fous pour visiter une ville en hiver, alors qu'on se les gèle sévère. J'ai oublié le prix de la bière ainsi que la majoration (1€) après 22h, le café à 2€20 et les garçons de café.

J'écoute la radio, fip comme toujours, mais je dois me presser car l'eurostar n'attend pas. J'emporte la radio avec moi sur internet, pour conserver ma french touch.

À bientôt, de l'autre côté du tunnel!

Et au fait, Bonne Année!

(photo Willy Ronis-RER Les Halles)