mercredi 29 mai 2013


this is me, twentysomethin years ago. today i my birthday and the sun is (finally) shining.

jeudi 23 mai 2013

.elderflower lemonade.

I made eldeflower lemonade this week. 

Here is the recipe:

Makes 5 liters.
20 clean fresh elderflower heads
800 gr sugar
10 organic lemons
10 raisins
2 tbsp of cider vinegar
8 liter of water

In one big recipient (or two if you don't have a big enough one), put the clean flowers, sugar, sliced lemons (it may better to take most of the zest off, as mine became a bit bitter), raisins and vinegar. Top up with still water. Put in the sun covered with a towel for 3 or 5 days (until you see bubbles coming up). Then strain into lemonade bottles and keep cool for 2 weeks. 
Serve chilled with some mint leaves.

mardi 14 mai 2013

.love at first sight.

Our first peony in bloom. I would love to have a large bouquet of them around the house.

lundi 13 mai 2013


Over the weekend...

 scallop galop
 first basil
 home gallery
poppy, linen and daisy

mardi 7 mai 2013

.30 000 views.

Today, On the Road to Ninocska reached 30 000 views. Thank you for following me (weird expression btw)!

lundi 6 mai 2013

.see far.

Stretch your neck further up, look at the future, look at the others, they are here for you, you are here for them too...

photo from found

dimanche 5 mai 2013

.latergram spring.

instagram isn't working on my phone anymore, i mean, i can't post but i can still take photos. i'll post them here from now on. i hope you like them.

 dandelion crown.

 two lovers looking in the same direction. barcelona.

 generations. barcelona.

the house of plants. barcelona.

 watching over plaça espanya. barcelona.

 my mother's white iris.

 clear blue sea.

dark blue sea.

vendredi 3 mai 2013

.alla finestra.

Sitting, the rays of the sun burning my back, it is a good feeling, a sort of rebirth. Paolo Conte sings into my ear, last night's lack of sleep makes me feel in a dreamy-drowsy way and I like it so.

Tra le tue Braccia
questo inverno di foglie
e i pensieri che
vanno scalzi per lontane vie
via da te...via da me...

è un privilegio stare con te,

dolce persona vicino a me

Sentirai tra le dita

il respiro e la voce mia
che ti invita al mare,
o quel che sia...
sentirai, sentirai...

è un privilegio stare con te,

tutto è distante
niente lo è...

è un sortilegio

vivere in te
dolce persona vicina a me...

jeudi 2 mai 2013


working tonight, the kids are sleeping, the boarding school is silent. but i can't sleep. i never had sleeping problems really, before working here. i guess its anxiety, what if something happens during the night, a sick teenager, or fire? responsability is kind of a heavy load. well, there's only two months left, before i start a new life. back to uni, back to the city...