jeudi 30 septembre 2010


Or maybe, lack of synchronisation. It appears to me that nothing wants to go in the same way, at the same time. I mean, for example this week. I was supposed to have 2 days off because the family was supposed to go on holidays. So I decided to take one more day off at work, to have 3 days in a row and maybe go somewhere to breath some fresh air.

The family's holidays finally got cancelled, poor them, so I decided to go to London for two days.

Surprise! NO friends available on these two days. No friends=no couch.

(I forgot to say that also got a bad cold on tuesday evening on top of everything)

Anyway, I went to London for the day, deciding to visit some museums. Bang! I forgot I was living in UK, where it is RAINING almost every day! But I did enjoy the Victoria & Albert museum. I particularly liked the fashion bit (don't ask ma why...), sculpture and photography. I didn't visit the whole thing because my feet ached terribly.(I bought many cards and these three "faux-pencil" pens)

Being in London, I thought that I could buy some things that I needed: a lady wallet, new shoes, tights and an Ipod case. Off I went to Notting Hill (everything closed) and Oxford street (full of people despite the bloody rain). Still speaking of synchro of my mind, what did I buy? None of all these things. I ended up with a merino&cashmere jumper and an umbrella from Uniqlo and completely soaked shoes and socks.

Now when I say, I took one more day off, it's because I needed ONE day off (otherwise I would lose all my customer oriented skills and turn into a crazy monster). Guess who woke me up this morning? My boss. "Hi Nina could you come in today, we are a lady down?" Don't ask ME these kind of things, because I'm capable of saying yes surrounded by guilt! But no, today I said "no, sorry I have plans", what is true. Am I growing up? I don't know, but what is sure is, I'm going to enjoy my day off in Brighton!

Have a nice day (off or not off)!

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