samedi 23 octobre 2010


There was a day, I used to hit the streets in demonstrations.

Listening to the french news this morning, I feel useless. Useless in the movement against the "pensions law", useless for the present, useless for the future. I'm just here working for capitalism. For what? Ah, yes, save some money. Why am I saving money, if I don't know what to do?

Today I would love to be a doctor, to be able to help fight the cholera in Haiti. Unfortunatly, I'm not. So, how can I help?

Tomorrow I would love to be an activist, believing that People leads democracy, but I'm now empty, unbrained, uncapable of having an opinion. How to be more implicated when you are living abroad, on your own?

"Aujourd'hui l'égoïsme est du côté du pouvoir, le bien commun du côté du mouvement social" Edwy Plenel- Médiapart.

Anyway, now I'm of to work, like every week-end, so my preoccupations will wait...

Have a lovely week-end!

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