lundi 25 octobre 2010

Single Girl's Soups

Yes, today I'm going to give you some yummy recipes of soups I made since the family is away. What's better than a good, original soup to keep you warm in this f*-ing cold weather?

Friday evening I had my friend Sara for diner, I made her a butternut squash and apple soup...

For 2 persons:

- 250gr of squash cut in little squares
- 2 medium potatoes cut in little squares
- 1 big apple (those with the "grey" skin) cut roughly
- 1 small chopped onion
- 2 garlic cloves

- 1 tsp of chopped fresh/freezed ginger

- 1 pinch of ground nutmeg
- 1 chicken stock square

- salt and pepper

Then it's simple, you put all the ingredients in a large sauce-pan and shimmer until all the vegetables are cooked. When done, blend and serve hot with grilled lardons on top and buttered toasts. And of course, a glass of red wine. :)

N.B: For desert I made a chocolate and vanilla cheese cake. Recipe to come soon!

Bonne journée!

Me, after Lewes Farmer's Market by Sarah Weal

5 commentaires:

  1. Tu es très belle sur cette photo ;) mais j'ai pas tout pu lire de ton post, l'anglais et moi ça fais deux ;)

  2. Merci et sorry Mélis. Je disais que rien de mieux qu'une bonne soupe dans cette saleté de froid! Tu veux la recette? je te l'enverrai ;-)

  3. Avec plaisir , c'est une bonne idée une soupe ;)

  4. merci, elle a été prise par une photographe portraitiste professionnelle...