mercredi 11 mai 2011


Tonight is the 64th Cannes Film Festival's opening. I used to watch the ceremony on tv, back in France. There's always something magical about it. This year I'll miss it. Are you going to watch it?
Juste an anecdote. One year, my first year of University - when I didn't go much to Uni-, I watched a french show "Le Grand Journal de Canal+ à Cannes" every evening. One night, Eric and Ramzy- a french comedian duo- were the guests. They are very funny. Though what happened wasn't premedited: Ramzy came in running on the stage and fell off the table! It was so surprising that Camoyt(the friend who watched it with me) and I couldn't stop laughing- for days! Poor him though, he really hurt himself.

Bonne journée et vive le Cinéma!

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