mercredi 9 mai 2012

.pot pourri du mercredi.

I think I'm going to categorize my posts. Starting today with the .wednesday mix., a collection of events, inspirations and discoveries of the week. You are very welcome to tell your impressions...

*Sunday 6th of may 2012 - We've elected our new President: François Hollande. 
It is quite a relief and I hope it will bring a new dynamism to Europe as well.


* I've listened to Adele almost all week long. It is a sort of way out of daily life, a link with England, a way to cry a bit and a base for voice practice.

* Yesterday I watched Eastern Promises. (Yes I'm very late.) It was quite traumatic, - I even dreamt someone cut my throat! - but the scenario is well written and the actors brilliant.

* Tonight we're going to watch a Hip Hop dance show: R.A.F CREW - CITY'Z. 
I'll probably post about it tomorrow...

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