mardi 27 septembre 2011

Pistol day and night

None of these are affordable for me, but if I was in a city with quite some money, this is how I would dress right now... If I had to keep one thing, it would be the Acne Pistol boots. They are perfect, not too high, cowboyish enough but not too much and just as rock'n'roll!

Pistol day and night

Paul Joe Sister jersey dress
$256 -

J Crew long sleeve sweater
$80 -

American Retro tailored jacket
$166 -

J Brand skinny fit jeans
$388 -

Acne black ankle booties
$570 -

Gucci black hobo handbag
€1.390 -

Zara metallic bag
$50 -

All Saints tassel necklace
$120 -

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