jeudi 25 août 2011

Back to trad.

Hello after maybe 10 days..!

What I like when I'm home, is that I do very simple but satisfying things. For example, two days ago, after a quick dip in the river (to cool myself down-it's 40ºC here!), my mum and I went to pick some figs-about 10 kilos! They were so ripe, that some were already drying on the tree!

Back home, my mother splited the loot and took 5 kilos to her symposium in Italy. Now alone here, I bought 5 kilos of sugar to cook some jam.

So voilà, my jam is ready now (1kg of sugar for 1kg of fruits=cook on medium heat for 1h), just to fill the pots and wait...and eat! Yum!

The monsters who used to watch my childhood bedroom are now watching the cooking process of delicious foods...


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